HYGIMAZ. Intimate Feminine Wash

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Chlorhexidine - Triclosan - Tea tree oil - Aloe vera - Menthol - Chamomile.

Immediate relief of vaginal mucosa from irritation and inflammation.

• Hygimaz has triple power anti-septic effect.

• Hygimaz has PH balanced without acid additives.

• Hygimaz is Alcohol free.

• Hygimaz Protect from bacterial and fungal infection.

• Cleaning & maintaining the health and PH of the vagina.

• Relief symptoms of vaginitis as itching, redness, and dryness.

 Indication : Inflammation and irritation of the vaginal mucosa.

• Itching and burning sensation in the vulvovaginal area.

Application : Used once or twice daily by adding 1 or 2 measures to 1 liter of warm water.

- In case of severe infections use without dilution, then rinse with water; or as directed by the physician.

 Packing : Bottle of 250 ml

Barcode: 6224010638037 - رقم التسجيل في هيئة الدواء المصرية: 41813/2017