Skin soothing lotion For after sun exposure

Love the skin you’re in.6 elements in dermomaz lotion that make you Love the skin you’re in·      Zinc oxide - Chamomile oil - Camphor oil - Menthol oil - Thymol oil - Calendula extractFor all skin types Extra gentle Unique formula Multifunctional formula Dermatological tested.

Dermomaz:- · A protective layer on your skin surface to absorb and reflect the harmful UV and UVB rays from the skin. · Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties makes it useful in healing infections · Effective in treating atopic dermatitis · Effective in treating leishmaniasis ( a protozoan infection of skin causes skin ulcers ) · Has a photo-protective activity · Has sun protection effect due to its great potential to inhibit the free radical reactions


· Inflammatory skin reactions especially that associated with itching

· Skin urticaria - · Sweat rash - · Skin irritations associated with insect bites

· Skin inflammation resulting from sunburns - · Itching of scabies - · Skin redness and irritation due to various causes as: Contact with irritant chemicals - - Contact with irritant fragrances - Long exposure to saltiness of sea water - Contact with cloths and wears that may cause skin allergy

Direction for use: -A thin layer to be applied to the skin & repeat when needed. -Not be applied on broken skin. - It should not be used around eyes & mucous membrane.

Packaging: 120 ml

Reg. No. : 54111/2019